Welcome to Wildlife Windows

Welcome to Wildlife Windows, an educational site on the status of wildlife populations and their habitats.

Around the world, as human populations increase, wildlife species face complex challenges. Disturbance, loss and fragmentation of habitat, land-use conflicts and resource extraction, contaminants, over-harvesting, illegal trade, loss of diversity, introduction of non-native species and pathogens, and climate change, may be some of the multiple stressors that drive population declines even in remote and pristine regions.

This site was created for the purpose of highlighting remarkable wildlife species and populations, and summarising some of these complex challenges threatening species and their habitats.

Contributions are being created by students participating in the course Wildlife Issues in a Changing World (ENSC 320) at  Queen's University in Canada.  They are kindly sharing their reports as case studies of global biodiversity to raise awareness of the challenges threatening the long-term conservation of wildlife populations.

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